Photography in La Ciénaga de Zapata

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Cuba is one of the most important wintering and stopover sites for North American migrant birds La Ciénaga de Zapata is home to at least 26 endemic bird species, birds found nowhere else in the world, [...]

Shrimp and Rice congrí

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Incoming shrimp, avocado salad and grilled chicken with rice congrí. Cuban-style!! Shrimp entree. Shrimp on a bed of sauteed tomatoes in their own citrus marinated and topped with fresh onion and purple mixed. [...]

Aboriginal settlements in La Ciénaga de Zapata

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Aboriginal settlements in La Ciénaga de Zapata La Ciénaga de Zapata ecosystem humeral is one of the more important karstic areas of the Cuban archipelago. With an area of 4 230 km2, include the marsh [...]

Green island, Cuba

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Green island, Cuba. The riches of Cuba extend far beyond its beaches and colonial towns. The country offers an incredibly rich and diverse panorama of places where history and nature are spectacularly combined. [...]

La Cienaga de Zapata Biosphere Reserve

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The Cuban flora and fauna state emblems consist of different species as the half of the 7000 species of plants in Cuba are endemic and nearly the 80% of the animals too. There [...]

La Ciénaga de Zapata. Genuine paradise

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In La Cienaga de Zapata happens as, when you go to sea, that time slows down and things lose their relative importance. Nostalgic people the same as neophytes will feel astonished in the face of [...]

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