Fly fishing

With the greatest respect for the environment and species , Cuba offers enthusiasts fly fishing can practice their favorite sport in the best conditions, in an authentic and hospitable atmosphere , and always accompanied by professional guides , which probably they become friends.

Today Cuba offers a paradise , the only place in the world Where the concentration of species is not synonymous With concentration of fishermen and people.

In contact with unspoilt nature, with a crystal clear sea and turquoise shades, cut by deep blue channels around the extensive low white sand and mangrove islands where these species find an ideal habitat to hunt most of the year.

We provide a service in the hands of experts in the field , using specific boats and with the assistance of experienced local guides , with all the necessary structure for what your fishing trip to Cuba an unforgettable experience

Fly Fishing takes place in Rio Hatiguanico or Las Salinas de Brito

Rio Hatiguanico

  • Shad
  • Bass
  • Trout

Las Salinas de Brito

  • Macabí
  • Palometa
  • Shad

How to book your fly fishing?: Select …

  • The dates you want to fish
  • The number of people you are going to fish (and passport number)
  • Your reservation includes: 5 drinks, 2 sandwiches, guide and equipment.
  • The approximate length of the fishing day is 8 hours

… and your fishing is reserved, so easy!

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If you’re not an expert fisherman and want to enjoy the incredible experience of fishing in this natural paradise , you can do so accompanied by the best fishermen in the Swamp.
You’ll be in good hands and good company !
Amateur fishermen
If you have experience, can live the best fly fishing from Cuba.
A unique and unforgettable experiencie!
Experienced fishermen

Fly Fishing in La cienaga de Zapata

November 15th, 2015|0 Comments

Las Salinas & Rio Hatiguanico Cuba is the absolute favourite of caribbean. La Cienaga de Zapata is “the best of the best“ of the entire Caribbean and that’s the reason promote these destinations heavily. [...]

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