Activities in La Ciénaga de Zapata

All you can do in La Cienaga de Zapata just a click.

Diving, interpretive and photographic Hiking and Fly Fishing

Book now, and when you get to the Cienaga de Zapata just have to enjoy your dive, your experience of photographic or interpretive hiking, fishing of your life…


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Introduction to diving, First time, Special photography, full experience...

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Introduction to diving, First time, complete photographic experiences and many more promotions!!

Charming houses

Enjoy the best houses, the most successful, those with the most authentic Cuban style.

El Legendario, La casa del Buzo, Casa Yeni...

Do not miss the opportunity to stay at the legendary, La Casa del Buzo or Yeni House.
Unforgettable Casas, enjoy the typical Cuban style!

c/ Velázquez, 53 – 28001 Madrid (SPAIN)
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