The photographers are accompanied by guides for your photographic tour in the Wetland, leave in your camera the best picture of the environment, of birds and of the rest of living nature. Although all the year there are natural conditions for bird watching, best period is November 15 to April 15.

The Matanzas area known as the Bay of Pigs exhibits important national and international recognition as Ramsar Site, World Biosphere Reserve, National Park, IBA Site and National Monument.

Foto al vuelo

Every year has been celebrated photo contest “Foto al vuelo” organized by Turnat and Ecotur. As a preamble, participants have meetings with biologists and professional photographers exhibiting recommendations and experiences.

In the Hatiguanico River, through a motor boat, participants take the first photos, and have the ability to get to the source of the river birth Hildalecio that can offer unique images. Scheduled for photographers trails like Las Salinas de Brito, Las Bermejas , a wildlife refuge, El Enigma de las Rocas a cave-system and Santo Tomas.

How to book?: Select…

  • The dates you want to make your hiking
  • The number of people who are going to do the tour
  • The conditions or extras you desire include: Do you wish a specialized guide?, want transportation?

…and you have your hiking booked, so easy!

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If you are neither a biologist or expert in photography and want to enjoy the incredible nature of the Cienaga de Zapata, you can enjoy our interpretive trails.
You’ll be in good hands and good company!
Nature lovers
If you have scientific interest or are a photography lover , you can experience the photographic hiking and observing the secrets of wetlands and suit your expectations.
Unique and unforgettable experience!
Specialists, professionals and scientists

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