What to do in La Cienaga de Zapata

A vast, virtually uninhabited swampy wilderness spanning the entirety of southern Matanzas, the 4520-sq-km La Cienaga de Zapata quickens the pulses of wildlife-watchers and divers alike with the country's most important bird species and some of the most magical offshore reef diving secreted in its humid embrace. Most of the peninsula, a protected zone now [...]

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Diving & snorkeling in the Bahia de Cochinos

While the Isla de la Juventud and Marla la Gorda lead most Cuban divers' wish lists, the Bahfa de Cochinos has some equally impressive underwater treats. There's a huge drop-off running 30m to 40m offshore for over 30km from Playa Larga down to Playa GirOn, a fantastic natural feature that has created a 300m-high coral-encrusted [...]

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La Cienaga de Zapata Biosphere Reserve

The Cuban flora and fauna state emblems consist of different species as the half of the 7000 species of plants in Cuba are endemic and nearly the 80% of the animals too. There are 8 666 km2 of national conservation areas. National system of protected areas has 263 areas, 81 of national significance [...]

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