Terms of Website Use lacienagadezapata.com for Users and Travellers

  1. Content

These Terms of Use govern the relationship between Interactiva Externalizacion, S.L. (The provider) and the user (the traveler) site www.lacienagadezapata.com (the Portal), which accesses the same as Owner or property or service Professional activities (the Owner). These general conditions constitute a contract between the parties, who use the site to declare having read and accepted in full.

The version of the General Conditions of Use which applies the Traveller is one that is in force at the time that this online portal see Provider. On the portal it will only be visible version in force at the time, which will be accessible for consultation throughout its period of validity. The Supplier shall not retain previous versions of the Terms of Use. Provider suggests the Traveler to print a copy of them or record them on your computer.

  1. Object

The aim is to offer Provider an online portal where travelers can obtain information about accommodations, vacation homes and activities offered by the owners, and filter search results through search tools, quickly and easily. The portal offers the possibility of leaving comments, and is also a means of communication between travelers and owners that allows travelers to, among other things, request information from the owners. Using this site is free for the traveler.

The Supplier and / or its affiliated institutions are a third party in the contract between the Owner and the Traveler. You can not demand accountability, contract or tort, for resolution, mediation or any other intermediary role that could develop between the Owner and the traveler, or for the consequences, whatever they may be, resulting from a dispute between the Owner and the Traveler.

  1. Commercial information and Announcements

In the Portal, the owners can offer travelers renting their houses and contracting activities through inserts text and images and ads. These entries and advertisements can be seen on the site without registration. Translations into other languages ​​are the sole responsibility of the owner. If there is a link on the insertion or advertisement that refers to a site outside the portal as a tool Google Maps or a video on You Tube, the Owner will have previously secured the Supplier to the link address is correct.

If a traveler is looking for a house or activity published on the website of the provider, you can send a reservation request. In this reservation request, as well as indicating the entry or exit or start and end of accommodation or activity, the name, email address and telephone number of valid Traveler making the request must be included.

The traveler then receives an electronic confirmation on the details of their application as well as information and advice for the proper development of the reserve, which should be read carefully specified.

The reservation request is sent to the email address provided by the owner or provider of the activity, who confirmed if the choice of accommodation or activity of the traveler can be confirmed or contact the Traveler to confirm the request with changes or new proposals that the owner wants.

The Provider is not involved and assumes no liability in connection with the interactions between Owner and Traveler. The Provider is a third party in the contractual relationship between Owner and Traveler, merely place your ad Owner and serve as a meeting and reserve between the parties.

Pay the rent for the property chosen by direct methods remittance is prohibited. Supplier expressly prohibits owners require this payment method Travelers.

The traveler who meets the conditions established in the basic guarantee booking, can benefit from a coverage of up to eight hundred euros (800 €) for losses related to Internet fraud when renting a property or book an activity through Portal.

  1. Reservations

The Supplier warrants that the request for accommodation or activity is confirmed once payment is completed booking.

If the home or preferred accommodation or activity selected by the Traveler in your reservation request, finally, do not be available on selected dates and can not be guaranteed by the Owner, The Supplier will assign a house or accommodation or activity features similar or superior to the preference allocated by Voyager .

Travelers can cancel their reservation when they want, requesting such leave through the form of cancellation that the Portal will provide the Traveler once the booking is completed.

  1. Payment by PayPal, credit card or bank transfer

In all cases the booking process is completed by transfer or online secure payment system (if the bank offers it Traveler and support). The payment is processed securely directly from your credit / debit card from your PayPal account or from your bank account to the account of the Supplier by external payment processor.

In all cases it is required that the payment is made in advance by bank transfer (if available) or PayPal or by credit card . The traveler must carefully check the reservation information to meet the special conditions before confirming the reservation.

  1. Cancellation

When booking on the portal, the Traveler accepts the cancellation and no show (if no-show) and other additional terms and conditions (delivery) of the establishment which could affect the reservation or stay or attendance the activities. Here the services and / or reserved products are included (the Traveler consult the terms and conditions of supply and accommodation). The general cancellation and no show of each book are available to travelers on the site, both in the pages of information on accommodations and activities and are repeated during the booking process and in the confirmation email. Travellers should note that certain rates or special deals do not allow changes or cancellations. Data is important to consult each property and each activity to see the conditions before booking. A reservation can be canceled unpaid (without notice) at the time in which (the rest of) the outstanding amounts can not be collected in full at the relevant date, according to the terms of payment and the conditions of booking. Delays in payment, the wrong bank data, data from credit cards or debit cards, credit cards or debit invalid or insufficient funds are the responsibility of the Traveler and east, could not benefit from the return or refund prepayment (non-refundable reservations) if any of these cases is given, unless the kind of book they accept or allow their cancellation policy and payment.

If a traveler wants to review, modify or cancel your reservation, you can check the confirmation email and follow the instructions. They cancellation fees may apply according to the cancellation policy, payment (in advance) and no show (if no show) the reservation or might not benefit from the refund of the amount paid (in advance). The Supplier recommends that the Traveler to read these conditions carefully before booking and remember to make subsequent payments on time because they are required for reservation.

  1. Rights and obligations of the Supplier

The Supplier will use commercially reasonable efforts to make announcements on the site as much as possible correspond to the information provided by the Owner to the Supplier. However, it warns travelers that there may be differences in relation to the original images after scanning digital or not depending on the settings of each monitor images.

No may require civil or criminal liability to the Supplier by reason of any fraudulent information or data that may appear on the site to the extent that these are transmitted by the Owner to the Supplier and that the latter does nothing but play. Any claim by the traveler on any information or data must be submitted fraudulent Owner and not the provider.

The Provider is not responsible for translations of ads published on the portal, provided by the Owner to the Traveler or Voyager has managed on its own.

The Supplier will use commercially reasonable efforts to keep the site updated from a technical standpoint. This requires occasional maintenance that may involve restrictions on access to the site. As far as possible, the provider will schedule such maintenance at a time that least impact the interests of the Traveler.

The provider also offers a messaging system that the Owner and the traveler can use to contact. The Supplier will commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that the system is protected. Despite which, the Owner acknowledges that, given the current state of technology, the Supplier can not guarantee that no third party may not use or access the system Provider to read, intercept or copy messages that are not for him. The Supplier rejects these liability resulting from access and misuse of the site and its database by a third.

  1. Property website

Provider is the sole owner of lacienagadezapata.com website. The reproduction of the site, in part or in full, by copying text, graphics or drawings is prohibited.

Travelers may download, display or print individual pages in order to prove the existence of a contract between the Owner and themselves. The words “© 2015 Interactiva Externalización, SL – All rights reserved” must be clearly legible on all files and all the impressions of these pages.

  1. Traveler information , communications and comments

Travelers should enter and record precise and accurate data on their personal identity in the whole process of booking request.

Travelers should respect the confidentiality of your data connection and not to disclose them to third parties. The Supplier will never ask this information to travelers, except for the name or booking code assigned to the Travelers on the Portal. If a third party makes contact with the travelers to ask them to provide their data, they must not under any circumstances disclose it and immediately give part of this application to the Provider via the contact form. Travellers should inform of any fraudulent use of your account by an unauthorized and immediately proceed to change their backup data third.

The electronic messages sent through the system Supplier application should only be serious reservation requests. Abused the email system Provider is prohibited, in particular to send unsolicited commercial communications (spam). Electronic messages and recommendations of sites transmitted by the function “Recommend this site” only be sent upon approval of the recipient.

The traveler has the opportunity to comment and evaluate the property or activity once the stay. The reviews and ratings must comply with the Guide comments. In particular, the following conditions must be respected not exhaustive: only comments actually made for stays allowed, and is limited to a single assessment by group of travelers during the same stay. It is forbidden to make comments that contain erroneous data, threats, insults, defamation or libel. Travellers should ensure that their comments are authorized by law and not violate the rights of a third party or violate any law or regulation in force. The Provider reserves the right not to post or remove any comment that his judgment and discretion, considers does not comply with the rules of posting comments, without notifying or reasons for its decision.

Provider allows owners likewise to post replies to comments of Travelers, which are governed by the same rules of aforementioned publication.

The Supplier shall not perform any identity verification. If the Travelers suspect an Owner has provided fraudulent information, you are invited to notify the supplier via the contact form.

The Provider is subject to the provisions of Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data. For more information, see the data protection policy . The owner has expressly authorized the Supplier to publish his address, including phone numbers and email addresses, which are available to travelers who have made ​​requests for information and/or booked a property owner. Travelers can request to receive such information upon presentation of a receipt book.

  1. Compensation

In case of violation of the rights of a third party, arising from the publication of content by the Traveller (either in comments, recommendations or other) or by their actions or events (especially in the form of e-mail sent to third parties), the Traveler concerned fully relieve the Supplier of any claims made ​​by a third party, whatever its legal basis, and compensation for any damage which may have caused.

  1. Content usage rights

With regard to the content posted by the Traveller on the site of the Supplier, the traveler declares to be holder of all rights to use text, images and other published content. States in particular that has the necessary consent of the people depicted in all the pictures or videos posted and having the owner’s permission to use photographs that represent his or her properties. Provider reserves for this purpose, the Traveler’s right to require any documentation reflecting such authorizations.

The traveler declares himself that is authorized to use any trademark or any other industrial or intellectual property on objects or persons depicted in any image or symbol to the extent that the content published by it contains any of the elements cited.

To make comments and/or recommendations to the Supplier, travelers are consenting to the one published.

  1. nauthorized use

UTraveler or any third party authorized to:

use lacienagadezapata.com site content, including database published on the website, through any automated or manual means. In particular, it is forbidden to copy, broadcast, reproduce, process, translate, compile the content, or grant any right to use data or other, use content, make it available to the public, whether intentionally or not, partially or completely;

Any method or automatic mechanism, such as indexing robots or other, to monitor the content of the site;

use the site for purposes other than publishing rental ads and / or search for vacation rentals or sending valid messages (for example, to send unsolicited messages);

transmit, send through any other means or install any content or program, which, because of their size or nature, could damage the computer system of the Provider, or program to send the content to the site or use any materials or software containing harmful or contain harmful programs;

publish content that constitutes a violation of any criminal law or regulation, or other effect, particularly those concerning the protection of personal data and privacy, or incite anyone to violate them;

use or access the site lacienagadezapata.com in a way that might affect your computer system or the site;

refer to the Provider or its affiliates, in whatever form, to let understand the owner, ownership, advertisement or web site is sponsored, it is a member, partner, or is approved by the Provider or its affiliates.

  1. Right of erasure of content

If a third party requests the removal of a content based on an alleged violation of trademark, copyright, or the law on competition or the protection of privacy and/or personal data, or any other Traveler valid reason and cannot contribute to lacienagadezapata.com proof that owns the right to make public the content, images and/or photographs included, the Supplier has the right to block or remove, temporarily or permanently, comments, recommendations or any content Traveler, without prejudice to any further legal action.

In any case, the Supplier reserves the right to remove any content discretion and without notice if it does not comply with the law or with the guidelines of the Supplier.

  1. Traveller’s Responsibility

The Traveler is solely and exclusively responsible for all the financial consequences of the damage suffered by the Supplier because of content or a program broadcast or sent by harmful for the material Supplier Owner, which damage the system or your data or cause the failure of such system or product failure. The financial consequences mentioned above include attorney’s fees and expert.

  1. Supplier Responsibility

The Supplier cannot be held responsible for any damage resulting from the relationship between the Owner and the Traveler. In no event be held liable to the Supplier for lost profits or any direct or indirect, special, incidental or punitive damage resulting from the use of the site or for a transaction carried out by users, even if the Supplier was told by the possibility of such damages. If you disagree with any provision of these terms and conditions, please refrain from using the site.

  1. Communication Provider

All communication Traveler Provider should be sent to Interactiva Externalización, SL, Calle Velázquez, 53, 28001, Madrid, Spain, or via the contact form.

Warnings concerning infringements of copyright should include the following elements:

Address, phone number and email address of the sender of the warning;

Detailed data on the content in question (attach the picture or quote the text) as well as a link to the site;

A formal declaration stating that:

Voyager is the owner or holder of an exclusive license to the rights of industrial or intellectual property of the work in question or the owner of an exclusive right to use this work;

The Traveler has not authorized the use of the documents in question on the website of the Provider.

  1. Additional correspondence

When making a reservation, the Traveler agree to receive (i) an email, we can send shortly before his arrival, where you will find information on the fate and other data and offers (including third party offers , provided they have consented to receiving ) relevant to your booking and destination. You also agree to receive (ii) an email, you can send the Portal after your stay at the hotel, inviting you to complete a feedback form. Check the privacy policy and cookies for more information about how the Portal can contact the Traveler.

  1. Ranking and comments

The classification of establishments that appears by default in the Portal is Recommended (or similar) and Ranking of other sites. We also offer other ways to classify establishments. Portal ranking is created through an automated sorting system (algorithm) and is based on various criteria.

Comments can (a) be displayed in the information page of each property or activity on the site in order to share the view of the Traveler about the level of service and quality with (future) customers. The Portal also can (b) use (partially or completely) in its sole discretion (eg. For marketing, promotion and improvement of service) on our web site or social platforms, newsletters, special offers, applications or other channels used or owned by lacienagadezapata.com. The Portal reserves the right to modify, reject or delete comments that create timely. The comments are considered as a survey and not include commercial offers, invitations or incentives whatsoever.

  1. Privacy and cookies

lacienagadezapata.com respects your privacy. Check the privacy policy and cookies for more information.

  1. Free service

Our service is free because, unlike others, do not charge for our service or add supplements (backup) the price of the accommodation or activities.

  1. Miscellany

Relations between the parties shall be governed exclusively by Spanish law.

Any dispute arising from these terms and conditions and the services of the Supplier shall, at the discretion of the consumer, making reference only to (i) the competent courts of the place of the consumer’s residence, or (ii) the competent courts in Madrid, Spain. For other parties using the website and are not consumers, these terms and conditions and our services is governed by and construed exclusively in accordance with the law of Spanish law and any dispute arising from these terms and conditions and our services will be forwarded exclusively to the competent courts in Madrid, Spain.

The original Spanish version of these terms and conditions has been translated into other languages. The translated version is a courtesy translation and unofficial therefore can not be extracted from the translation rights. In case of dispute over the content or interpretation of the terms and conditions as well as in the event of conflicts, contradictions or discrepancies between the version in Spanish and other language versions, the Spanish version of these terms prevails and It is conclusive insofar as permitted by law. Users can consult the Spanish version in the website (by selecting the language) or the Supplier written request we send the requested media.

If any provision of these terms and conditions is or becomes invalid or non-binding, the user will still be linked to other provisions. If this occurs, the invalid provision shall be met to the extent permitted by applicable law and, as far as possible, similar to the invalid or no effect accept binding provisions, as the contents and purpose of these terms and conditions.

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