Dives with full equipment and instructor

Diving contemplation

Bay of Pigs has good beaches and magnificent funds for diving and snorkeling, perhaps not as well known as other dive sites in Cuba, but also high quality and clear waters with great visibility. It is one of the best places in Cuba for diving. Bay of Pigs the diver will find an infinite variety of corals and reef fish. The main attraction is diving wall, which is very close to the coast and can be done from shore dives. An abundance of corals, sponges and gorgonians are a refuge for reef fish. Barracudas and groupers can also be observed. They have the ship “The Jaruco”, which was sunk on purpose in 1994. From Long Beach to Playa Girón (about 35 km) and less than 50 meters from the coast, there are large coral formations with caves, variety of corals, remains of shipwrecks and lots of marine life. In this stretch of coast there are over 30 dive sites accessible from the shore it mostly without boat, and there are several sites that are natural pools on the reef as a result of unroofed caves flooded by the sea.

Diving initiation

For amateur divers, La Cienaga de Zapata provides local dives sea and in freshwater, listed among the best in the Caribbean. Funds and spectacular and unique species. Divers are staffed by professional teams in a friendly atmosphere, so that diving is a unique and unforgettable experience. Zapata Swamp is an idyllic destination for diving, whose attractions delight professionals, enthusiasts and novice divers alike. The waters are warm and extraordinarily clear, with an average visibility of 30-40 meters and a temperature between 24 and 29 degrees celsius. The diversity and intact condition of the reefs are unrivaled almost anywhere else on the planet. All diving clubs selected by laciengadezapata.com are fully equipped, snorkeling in the reefs and lagoons, as well as day and night dives to depth depth that allows your degree.

Advanced or expert Diving

Visibility is excellent in most places of interest , reaching about 20-40 m . The sea temperature ranges from 22 ° C / 72 ° F in December to 29 ° C / 84 ° F in July. A wetsuit 3mm short or full can be used for diving all year .

Where to dive in the Zapata peninsula ?

Punta Perdiz

Its shallow waters are perfect for diving with snorkel.

Cenote de los Peces

In its deep blue waters are a thousand underwater nooks and crannies to explore. The fish cenote is a flooded tectonic fault located inland, midway between Playa Girón and Long Beach. Besides the cenote cave or fish , there are many semi – round lakes ( cenotes such as Mexico ) . Since most you can explore spectacular tunnels , cracks and channels.

Caleta Buena

This peaceful cove located 8 kilometers from Playa Girón is not lost.

Playa Larga and Playa Girón

Diving in the Bay of Pigs is dotted with vibrant dive sites along Playa Larga and Playa Giron

¿How to book your dives ?: Choose …

  • The dates you want to make the dives
  • The number of people you are going to dive
  • The conditions or extras you desire to practice ( classic diving, baptism, snorkeling, night dives or caves)

… and you have your reserved dives,that easy! 

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If you’re not an expert and want to enjoy the seabed of the Cienaga de Zapata , you can snorkel or cheer and live an experience of diving with our baptism. You’ll be in good hands and good company !
If you already have experience in diving and want to enjoy this underwater paradise , you can practice the best diving in caves , both saltwater and freshwater , and delve into the best kept secrets of the Caribbean night . A unique and unforgettable experience !

Diving & snorkeling in the Bahia de Cochinos

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While the Isla de la Juventud and Marla la Gorda lead most Cuban divers' wish lists, the Bahfa de Cochinos has some equally impressive underwater treats. There's a huge drop-off running 30m to 40m offshore [...]

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