Accommodations in La Ciénaga de Zapata

La Ciénaga de Zapata shuttle service

Complementing the Havana—Cienfuegos—Trinidad Viazul bus which runs through the Zapata peninsula, but has a history of altering (or canceling) its schedule, there is a twice-daily hop on/hop off shuttle bus linking all of the area's key sights. The service starts at Hotel Playa Girds at 9am, heads out to Caleta Buena and then back past [...]

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El Legendario. Playa larga – Cuba

El Legendario, emblematic accommodation in true Cuban style, with viability to eco tourism. Arnoldo, with his eternal"snuff cellar" betweeen fingers and talking constantly while driving a little white " peugot", will take us to the village saying hello to everbody and at the same time discribing all sites. Later on, we will see the coast- a [...]

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